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Valuable Tips | Interesting Articles This Week

Yes, We Mean Literally Abolish the PoliceNYTIMES.COM — Congressional Democrats want to make it easier to identify and prosecute police misconduct; Joe Biden wants to give police departments $300 million. But efforts to solve police violence through liberal reforms like these have failed for nearly a century.Enough. We can’t reform the police. The…
Facebook Shares the Results of its First Deepfake Detection ChallengeSOCIALMEDIATODAY.COM — With various politically-affiliated groups already using digital platforms to manipulate and influence voters, the rise of deepfakes is a serious concern, and could pose a major threat to democracy as we know it. That’s why all the major platforms are working to develop systems to detect digitally altered videos, in order to catch them before they can spread.
City Enters Phase 4 Of Pretending Coronavirus OverLOCAL.THEONION.COM — DALLAS—Saying the city remained on track for progressing into the final stage, Mayor Eric Johnson told Dallas residents Friday that they would soon officially be entering Phase 4 of pretending the coronavirus was over. “Thanks to the efforts of municipal employees, I’m happy to say we’ve reached…
5 Tools to Boost Your Instagram Marketing Efforts in 2020SOCIALMEDIATODAY.COM — The reason why I love social media marketing is its vibrancy. It never stays the same – platforms add new features and ingenious developers keep coming with innovative tools. As such, marketers can never rely on a static set of tactics. Marketers can’t remain stagnant, even for a year – without constantly experimenting, testing new platforms, trying new tools, without trying out new and improved ways to grab your followers’ attention, you’ll soon be forgotten.
We are all this grumpy corgi demanding more scritchesMASHABLE.COM — I get it. Many of us are starved for affection right now. We’ve been in a pandemic-induced lockdown for months. Even in those places where restrictions are starting to ease, social distancing (sensibly!) remains in effect. Perish the thought of human contact with people outside your quarantine bubble.
Twitter’s Adding a New Prompt on Retweets When Users Haven’t Opened the LinkSOCIALMEDIATODAY.COM — In many cases, news consumption these days seems less relevant than the associated debate, with a headline alone often being enough to spark social media dispute. But how often do people debate an issue, related to an article, without ever actually reading it? And when people do share content without engaging with the full context, how does that impact subsequent debate?
Google’s Pixel 4a might be delayed again, without a ‘Barely Blue’ color optionMASHABLE.COM — At this point, it’s not shocking to hear the Pixel 4a might be delayed yet again. But in addition to pushing back the release date, Google is also reportedly nixing a color option: Baby Blue. The news comes from well-known leaker Jon Prosser, who took to Twitter to update everyone on his latest findings regarding Google’s upcoming Pixel.
Interstellar Technologies’ privately-developed MOMO-5 rocket falls short of reaching spaceTECHCRUNCH.COM — Private launch companies seeking to lower the coast of reaching space continue to develop new vehicles, and the latest to attempt a trip to space is Interstellar Technologies (IST), a Japanese private launch company founded in 2003. The company first launched a vehicle in 2017, but the launch didn’t go exactly as planned and failed to reach space – in 2019, its MOMO-3 sounding rocket did break the Karman line, though just barely, and unfortunately its MOMO-5 sounding rocket launched today did not make space as planned, instead apparently suffering some kind of malfunction and loss of control around the time it reaches max or the point of maximum aerodynamic pressure prior to exiting Earth’s atmosphere..
Facebook insists new Workplace tool was for ‘preventing bullying,’ not suppressing unionsMASHABLE.COM — Facebook wants to empower you to make the world more open and connected as you suppress your workers’ legal right to form a union. . The social media giant that seemingly goes out of its way to be awful set a new bar Wednesday, when, according to reporting by the Intercept, it showed off a new Workplace tool designed to prevent certain words from trending on the enterprise-focused platform.
Paint-by-numbers should be your next relaxing self-care hobbyMASHABLE.COM — When it comes to self-care these days, your efforts to wind down don’t always have to be ambitious. You should mediate, tackle a reading list, or set out to complete a challenging home improvement project if those things soothe you. But perfect self-care activities can also be as simple as playing with sidewalk chalk, coloring with crayons, or doing a puzzle.
12 excellent podcasts with black hosts for pop culture, politics, or history fansMASHABLE.COM — Podcasting has been a double-edged sword for marginalized voices. On one hand, “anyone can start a podcast,” as a medium with relatively low barriers of entry. But to no one’s shock, podcasting has also not been the egalitarian haven that premise promises. It’s a loss for everyone who loves the medium — not only because we’re missing out on powerful stories but because there’s evidence of podcasting as a potentially impactful tool for anti-racism.
Nextdoor is next: Why the social network of systemic racism is ripe for changeMASHABLE.COM — It took two weeks of explosive, transformative national upheaval on race and policing before the head of America’s hyperlocal social network finally took a stand. “Let me say it unequivocally,” Nextdoor CEO Sarah Friar said in a statement sent to millions of members in 200,000 U.neighborhoods Thursday.
The ‘Hip Hop Harry’ dance circle song is taking over TikTok and TwitterMASHABLE.COM — To anyone who’s a sucker for a painfully catchy song, we come bearing good news. Your latest musical obsession has arrived, and it just so happens to be a song from an educational children’s show called Hip Hop Harry. The song to which I’m referring is called “Go, Go, Go,” and it has all the makings of an obnoxiously irresistible bop.
OKCupid adds Black Lives Matter badge and profile questions about racial inequalityMASHABLE.COM — On Thursday, OKCupid announced that it’s rolling out a #BlackLivesMatter badge in a dozen countries. Users can obtain the badge by answering yes to the question, “Do you want to support the #BlackLivesMatter movement by adding a badge to your profile?” Since badges won’t actually do anything to solve racism, OKCupid has also donated $50,000 to the ACLU, Black Girls Code, Fair Fight Action and the NAACP.
How Automation Intelligence Can Improve Your Business in Good and Bad TimesENTREPRENEUR.COM — It’s important to prove to your team that automation doesn’t mean layoffs. June 10, 2020 5 min read Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. During…
These Lego-like modular houses can grow along with your familyFASTCOMPANY.COM — The company installed its first house, a small one-bedroom home, last year. The newest three homes, including the duplex that pilots the company’s new removable roof concept, will be finished in July. Two of the homes will be sold at market rate, while one will be priced at around $184,000, making it more affordable.
Edtech is surging, and parents have some notesTECHCRUNCH.COM — edtech has been booming over the last few months. Flashcards startup Quizlet is now a unicorn, digital textbook company Top Hat is finding unprecedented surges in usage and student success business Edsights raised nearly $2 million from high-profile investors, all from inbound interest. Investors are so confident that homeschooling might become a trend that they just invested $3.7 million in Primer, which creates a “full-stack infrastructure” to help parents get started.

Interesting Articles This Week

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