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Valuable Tips | Interesting Articles This Week

Dear Sophie: What’s the best option for international founders to expand in the US?TECHCRUNCH.COM — of “Dear Sophie,” the advice column that answers immigration-related questions about working at technology companies. “Your questions are vital to the spread of knowledge that allows people all over the world to rise above borders and pursue their dreams,” says Sophie Alcorn, a Silicon Valley immigration attorney.
Giant pizzas and itty-bitty cakes: How these viral foods get madeMASHABLE.COM — Few things stop a web-surfer in their tracks like an F.O.U.S. You know, Food of Unusual Size. Whether it’s a pizza the size of a car or a cake the size of a penny, culinary creations scaled to the extreme are among the most delightful treasures to uncover online. YouTube tycoons have built their…
Trump says he’s taking controversial COVID-19 drug and now everyone’s making Flintstones vitamin jokesMASHABLE.COM — “I’m still here,” he continued. When pressed on whether there was evidence that taking the drug has a preventative effect, Trump said he’s received “a lot of positive calls about it.” . One, published in the Journal of the American Medical Associationstudied 1,438 COVID-19 patients across 25 New York hospitals.
LinkedIn Launches its Own Polls Option to Facilitate More EngagementSOCIALMEDIATODAY.COM — After it was spotted in testing last month, LinkedIn has now officially launched its new native polls option, . providing another way to gather feedback, and boost engagement on the platform. As you can see in the video, LinkedIn polls function pretty much the same as they do on other platforms – you select the ‘Create a Poll’ option within the post composer, type in your question, and enter up to four answer options.
National parks will be bizarre this summerMASHABLE.COM — A vicious wildfire closed Yosemite National Park in August 1990. Described as “no joke” by a truck driver who escaped the flames, over 6,000 firefighters combated the blaze, remembers Phil Francis, who worked for Yosemite during the crisis. In total, Francis spent 41 years working for the National Park Service.
How to masturbate while in close quarters, according to a sex expertMASHABLE.COM — In the past couple months of social distancing, I’ve noticed that my mind has gone in circles when it comes to thinking — and acting on — some activities. Take masturbating as an example:. Which is to say: I’ve been masturbating more than in pre-COVID times. Sue me! I’m not able to distract myself with life’s pleasures such as an overpriced cocktail or overpriced movie ticket, and I’m surely not able to deal with horniness/loneliness by dating people in person. .
Tech for good during COVID-19: Snorkels, thank you notes, and HeadspaceTECHCRUNCH.COM — Everyone is living a different pandemic right now. Your relationship with shelter-in-place mandates and social distancing can look wildly different depending on your profession, age, health and, often, privilege. It’s why a week of monotony for some of us might mean a week of madness for others. The best we can do, as exhaustion and Zoom fatigue sets in, is try to be patient, kind and thoughtful.
Ford to offer COVID-19 testing for symptomatic workers as part of reopening planTECHCRUNCH.COM — Ford said Saturday it will test hourly and salaried employees with suspected COVID-19 symptoms in four metro areas where it has major operations as it prepares to reopen facilities this month. The automaker is expected to resume production and some operations at its North America facilities May 18.
In the age of social distancing, the LA Rams turn to Snap and Madden to unveil new uniformsTECHCRUNCH.COM — As the U.waits for the great reopening of its hallowed national pastimes in an era of pandemic-enforced social distancing, sports teams are increasingly turning to a new wave of digital tools like social media and video games to connect with a new generation of fans. The Los Angeles Rams are the latest team to embrace the trend, choosing to work with social media giant Snap and EA Sports’ Madden NFL franchise to unveil the new design of their uniforms ahead of the opening of the most high-tech stadium in the National Football League later this year.
How will Europe’s coronavirus contacts-tracing apps work across borders?TECHCRUNCH.COM — A major question mark attached to national coronavirus contact-tracing apps is whether they will function when citizens of one country travel to another. Or will people be asked to download and use multiple apps if they’re traveling across borders? Having to use multiple apps when travelling would further complicate an unproven technology which seeks to repurpose standard smartphone components for estimating viral exposure — a task for which our mobile devices were never intended.
John Krasinski reveals he’s in possession of Pam’s teapot from ‘The Office’MASHABLE.COM — It’s been nearly seven years since The Office ended, but we finally know the whereabouts of the teapot Jim Halpert gave Pam Beesly in the “Christmas Party” episode of the show. It’s safe and sound at John Krasinski’s house. On the latest episode of the Office Ladies podcast, John Krasinski revealed to Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey that is one who got to keep the teapot from Season Episode 10.
Guy & Alison & David & Samin & Chrissy: How the internet redefined the celebrity chefMASHABLE.COM — Internet of Yum digs into all the things that make us drool while we’re checking our feeds. In the ’90s and early aughts, a celebrity chef was someone who turned their kitchen chops (be that knife skills or simply being charming behind the counter) into Food Network shows, packed restaurants,…
The new documentary ‘Spacedrop’ takes viewers inside a simulated space quarantineTECHCRUNCH.COM — “The first Asian Jew in fake space” — that’s how Josh Burstein introduced himself to me when we hopped on the phone earlier this week. The fake space in question is the Hawaii Space Exploration Analog and Simulation (HI-SEAS), where NASA has been periodically isolating teams of astronauts to study how they respond to the stresses of space exploration — and where Burstein was stationed last year.
What coronavirus outbreaks have in commonMASHABLE.COM — Even though people crowded into Wisconsin bars Wednesday night, there’s definitive evidence that big spreading events happen — at restaurants, workplaces, and other gatherings — where there’s close contact with others (though the outdoors aren’t nearly risk-free). And in the U.S., a nation that’s generally seen at least 20,000 new cases each day for well over a month, the risk of infection is still alive and well, even if your local bar or barber is now open for business.
Houseparty expands beyond video chat with co-watching of live eventsTECHCRUNCH.COM — Houseparty, the video chat app that’s seen a surge of growth during quarantine, is preparing to expand its service in a new direction: co-watching live video with friends. The company on Friday will launch its first experiential event series called In The House, which will feature over 40 celebrities who will dance, talk, cook, sing, workout, and more, over the course of three days.
The best new true crime podcastsMASHABLE.COM — Here’s the thing about being a true crime junkie: Despite the endless sea of new podcasts being released on a weekly and monthly basis, it’s never enough. You’ve probably already exhausted the many lists recommending the best true crime podcasts of all time. But it couldn’t quench your insatiable thirst for more murder, unsolved cases, and investigations into the criminal justice system.
Facebook will pay $52 million in settlement with moderators who developed PTSD on the jobTHEVERGE.COM — In a landmark acknowledgment of the toll that content moderation takes on its workforce, Facebook has agreed to pay $52 million to current and former moderators to compensate them for mental health issues developed on the job. In a preliminary settlement filed on Friday in San Mateo Superior…
Instagram Automation Tools, Software, and Tips to Do It RightBLOG.HOOTSUITE.COM — Blog / Social At some point, many busy social media marketers may be tempted to try an Instagram automation tool. This can be a tricky. Much of the software that’s used to automate Instagram activity defies network guidelines. Worse, it can be spammy and ineffective, as our…
How to Save Restaurants? MeetENTREPRENEUR.COM — May 12, 2020 5 min read Let’s say you go onto Grubhub, see that there’s a new franchise in town called The Captain’s Boil, and order a shrimp basket for delivery. Score! But here’s what you don’t see: The Captain’s…
Bumble users are raring to meet in person again as some states ease stay-at-home ordersMASHABLE.COM — The coronavirus pandemic has undoubtedly altered every aspect of life — especially, for single folks, dating. Many apps have attempted to keep up with the demands of the times and create new features to help dating from home be a bit less painful. New data out of Bumble suggests, however, that users want to meet-up in person again. .
Interesting Articles This Week

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