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LinkedIn Launches New ‘Featured’ Section on Profiles to Highlight Key Achievements and LinksSOCIALMEDIATODAY.COM — Get ready to update your LinkedIn profile. The professional social network is rolling out a new profile element which will enable users to showcase key achievements and updates in a separate ‘Featured’ section right at the top of their LinkedIn profile. “The Featured section allows you to showcase samples of your work to people who view your LinkedIn profile.
Twitter is suspending 70 pro-Bloomberg accounts, citing ‘platform manipulation’LATIMES.COM — Michael R. Bloomberg’s presidential campaign has been experimenting with novel tactics to cultivate an online following, or at least the appearance of one.But one of these strategies — deploying a large number of Twitter accounts to push out identical messages — has backfired. On Friday, Twitter…
China finds a use abroad for Twitter, a medium it fears at homeECONOMIST.COM — Discovering TwitterChina finds a use abroad for Twitter, a medium it fears at homeThe country’s diplomats are learning to play rough online Feb 20th 2020AS THE CRISIS deepened over the outbreak of covid-19, China’s leader, Xi Jinping, convened a meeting of the country’s most powerful body, the…
Spain’s Cobee raises €2.1M for its employee benefits app and payment cardTECHCRUNCH.COM — Cobee, a Spanish fintech startup that has developed an employee benefit management app and accompanying card, has closed €2.1 million in “pre-Series funding. The round was co-led by Speedinvest, and Target Global. Other backers include Chris Bouwer (co-founder of Adyen) and existing investors Encomenda Smart Capital, BStartup (Banco Sabadell), Lanai Partners and Abac Nest.
Poland is cocking up migration in a very European wayECONOMIST.COM — Feb 22nd 2020FOR A GLIMPSE of how immigration is changing Poland, head to Hala Koszyki, an Instagram-friendly food hall in the middle of Warsaw. Take an Uber and there is a good chance the driver will be from Belarus. Inside, Ukrainian waiters and chefs toil over sushi and tapas. Outside,…
Bernie Sanders’ Nevada caucus win caused a ruckus on political TwitterMASHABLE.COM — Whatever you yourself may think of him, Bernie Sanders is really firing people up. On Saturday, the would-be Democratic nominee for president logged his third winning primary season performance, in the state of Nevada. And a commanding one at that, with the Vermont Senator nabbing almost 47 percent of all the votes cast, while the other candidates split the rest.
Many Chrome Extensions Are Stealing Your Personal Information. Here’s How to Tell if You’re at RiskINC.COM — Chrome is the most popular web browser in the world, and one of the reasons it is so widely used is due to the availability of third-party extensions that add features and functionality. Like most people, I use extensions every day (though I prefer Brave over Chrome for a range of privacy-related reasons).
Created to help employees figure out health benefits, HealthJoy raises $30 millionTECHCRUNCH.COM — HealthJoy, a platform designed to make it easier for employees to use their healthcare benefits, has raised $30 million in Series C funding led by Health Velocity Capital. Returning investors also participated, including U.Venture Partners, Chicago Ventures, Epic Ventures, Brandon Cruz and Clint Jones.
How Sweden copes with Chinese bullyingECONOMIST.COM — Shotgun diplomacyHow Sweden copes with Chinese bullying”For our enemies, we have shotguns,” warns Beijing’s ambassador TRADITIONALLY, CHINESE ambassadors are restrained, colourless figures who emerge from the wallpaper only to object ritually that any criticism of their government is an insult to…

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Microsoft launches 100X100X100 program to help Indian B2B SaaS startupsTECHCRUNCH.COM — As Indian startups begin to make inroads in the world of SaaS, has taken notice. The American tech giant today launched 100X100X100, a program aimed at business-to-business SaaS startups. Microsoft said Monday that 100X100X100 will bring together 100 companies and 100 early and growth startups. Each committed company will spend $100,000 over a course of 18 months.
In China, newly confirmed cases of coronavirus infection are fallingECONOMIST.COM — Casualties of warIn China, newly confirmed cases of coronavirus infection are fallingYet many Chinese are still enduring tight quarantine CHINESE OFFICIALS call it “waging war on two fronts”. One involves battling the coronavirus that has infected more than 74,000 people in China and killed about…
Google is indexing WhatsApp group chat links, making even private groups discoverableTHEVERGE.COM — Invitations to WhatsApp group chats are being indexed by Google, making the invite links —including links to private group chats — discoverable and available to anyone who wants to join, Motherboard reports. Journalist Jordan Wildon said on Twitter that he discovered that WhatsApp’s “Invite to…
EV fleet management gets another venture-backed contender as Electriphi raises $3.5 millionTECHCRUNCH.COM — Electriphi, a provider of charging management and fleet monitoring software for electric vehicles, has joined the scrum of startups looking to provide services to the growing number of electric vehicle fleets in the U.The San Francisco-based company has just raised $3.5 million in seed funding from investors including Wireframe Ventures, the and Blackhorn Ventures.
The Org nabs $8.5M led by Founders Fund to build a global database of company org chartsTECHCRUNCH.COM — has cornered the market when it comes to putting your own professional profile online and using it to network for jobs, industry connections and professional development. But when it comes to looking at a chart of the people, and specifically the leadership teams, who make up organizations more holistically, the Microsoft-owned network comes up a little short: you can search by company names, but chances are that you get a list of people based on their connectivity to you, and otherwise in no particular order (including people who may no longer even be at the company).
What Can DTC Challengers Learn From Brandless’ Demise?ADWEEK.COM — This is, firstly, a pertinent question we must ask. Secondly, we need to be hyper mindful of the first major collapse of a billion-dollar DTC brand. The DTC model is a thing of genius. Over the past decade, so many new and great businesses have seen huge success in a short space of time. However,…
5 TED Talks Every Social Media Pro Should WatchSOCIALMEDIATODAY.COM — I love watching TED Talks – in fact, several of my year-end emails to my team have included a reference (and link) back to Angela Duckworth’s “Grit: The power of passion and perseverance.” It’s the perfect watch (and listen) to inspire any department in a business to embrace their ‘gritty’ side to succeed.
LinkedIn’s Shutting Down its Sales Navigator Gmail ExtensionSOCIALMEDIATODAY.COM — This could be a blow for social media marketers. No doubt if you’ve logged onto Gmail on desktop recently, some of you would have seen this notification at the right of screen. That’s right, LinkedIn is shutting down its handy Sales Navigator for Gmail extension, which provides LinkedIn bio info for anyone who gets in contact with you (and has used the same email address for their LinkedIn profile).
The 3 Questions Investors Should Be Asking DTC Brands In Wake Of Brandless Shutting DownFORBES.COM — LOS ANGELES, CA – APRIL 30: Brandless Co-Founder and CEO Tina Sharkey (center), Maggie Grace (2nd … [+] from right) and guests attend the #BrandlessLife Pop-Up With Purpose on April 30, 2018 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by John Sciulli/Getty Images for Brandless) Getty Images for…
What young women want at workFASTCOMPANY.COM — A surprising and significant takeaway from the survey was the value, or lack thereof, that Gen Z places on long-term, professional relationships. Most notably, over half of the survey respondents have never had an internship and almost a third think you don’t need any internship experience to land a job.
African crowdsolving startup Zindi scales 10,000 data scientistsTECHCRUNCH.COM — Cape Town based startup Zindi has registered 10,000 data-scientists on its platform that uses AI and machine learning to crowdsolve complex problems in Africa. Founded in 2018, the early-stage venture allows companies, NGOs or government institutions to host online competitions around data-oriented challenges
Interesting Articles This Week

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