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July 16, 2019
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Free Goods Of The Week – July 15
July 16, 2019
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Free Goods Of The Week – July 22
July 23, 2019

Valuable Tips | Interesting Articles This Week

As FTC cracks down, data ethics is now a strategic business weapon

TECHCRUNCH.COM — That’s the apparent size of Facebook’s latest fine for violating data privacy. . “delete Facebook” While incumbents like Facebook are struggling with their data, startups in highly-regulated, ” ” industries can take advantage by using a data strategy one would least expect: ethics. Beyond complying with regulations, startups that embrace ethics look out for their customers’ best interests, cultivate long-term trust — and avoid billion dollar fines. .

Under the Influence – 84 Influencer Marketing Stats [Infographic]

SOCIALMEDIATODAY.COM — Influencer marketing is on the rise – and for good reason. While social media platforms provide great capacity to help business reach more users with their messaging, it’s the ‘social’ element of the platform which points to more personal connection. And personal connection comes from individual users, people communicating with each other.

As YouTube Tries To Fight Controversial Content, It’s Giving Top Creators New Ways To Make Money

FORBES.COM — YouTube Chief Product Officer Neal Mohan delivered YouTube’s keynote at the VidCon conference in Anaheim, Calif. in 2018. FilmMagic for YouTubeIn the past year, YouTube has faced an onslaught of issues around objectionable content and misinformation, including pedophiles “hiding in plain sight,”…

A Minimalist Social Strategy for Small Business Owners

BLOG.HOOTSUITE.COM — Blog / Social Are you the owner of a small (but mighty) business? With a load of spare time to execute a complicated social media strategy? Like the not-so-small businesses do? Do I ask dumb questions? I’ve been told that before, so get in line. But, I’m also here to help you with…

Kanye’s Second Coming: Inside The Billion-Dollar Yeezy Empire

FORBES.COM — You know when Kanye West is coming. His matte-black Lamborghini SUV rumbles up his gated driveway on the outskirts of Los Angeles like an earthquake, and when he steps out, in a white T-shirt and dark sweats, the obsessiveness kicks in immediately.First, there’s the house: The lushly landscaped…

New Report Finds Instagram Engagement Rates are In Decline

SOCIALMEDIATODAY.COM — Instagram is the hot social platform of the moment, with more and more brands flocking to the platform to tap into the rising use of Stories and to pre-empt the platform’s greater shift into eCommerce. But could that influx already be impacting overall Instagram engagement? I mean, that probably makes sense.

Woody Harrelson rocks Wimbledon with full display of human emotion

MASHABLE.COM — “I don’t watch tennis. I watch Woody Harrelson watching tennis.” . As Juan Sebastian Cabal and Robert Farah took to the court against Nicolas Mahut and Edouard Roger-Vasselin, Harrelson watched eagerly from the stands. It was a grueling nearly five-hour match, wrought with edge-of-your-seat tension as perfectly displayed by Harrelson and his Emmy Award-winning emotions. .

Juul CEO super ‘sorry’ he got your teens addicted to fat clouds

MASHABLE.COM — Juul CEO Kevin Burns made that much very clear during a CNBC interview, set to air Monday, in which he expressed remorse that all your kids are addicted to blowing fat clouds with the popular e-cigarette. The San Francisco-based company has taken heat from the FDA for a surge in underage use, and its CEO apparently thought it best that he let everyone know he’s paying attention.

Channing Tatum’s hilarious astrology freakout includes some powerful advice

MASHABLE.COM — This Channing Tatum video has everything: a full range of emotions, a cautionary tale about data sharing, and some genuinely good advice. It all started with The Pattern, a social networking platform “that helps you better understand yourself and connect with others on a deeper level,” according to the app description.

Is blitzscaling killing early employee equity opportunities?

TECHCRUNCH.COM — Silicon Valley has many dreams. One dream — the Hollywood version anyway — is for a down-and-out founder to begin tinkering and coding in their proverbial garage, eventually building a product that is loved by humans the world over and becoming a startup billionaire in the process. The more prosaic and common version of that Valley dream though is to join an early-stage company right before its growth kicks into high gear.

Facebook reportedly gets a $5 billion slap on the wrist from the FTC

TECHCRUNCH.COM — The U.Federal Trade Commission has reportedly agreed to end its latest probe into Facebook’s privacy problems with a $5 billion payout. According to The Wall Street Journal, the 3-party-line vote by FTC commissioners was carried by the Republican majority and will be moved to the Justice Department’s civil division to be finalized.

Google Assistant recordings leaked, and oh boy

MASHABLE.COM — According to Belgian broadcaster VRT NWS, devices with the Google digital assistant are recording conversations and sounds inside the homes of their owners and sending those messages to humans for review. Google Home is just one of several devices equipped with Google Assistant, which can also be found on Android phones. .

Apple disables Walkie Talkie app due to vulnerability that could allow iPhone eavesdropping

TECHCRUNCH.COM — has disabled the Apple Watch Walkie Talkie app due to an unspecified vulnerability that could allow a person to listen to another customer’s iPhone without consent, the company told TechCrunch this evening. Apple has apologized for the bug and for the inconvenience of being unable to use the feature while a fix is made.

Apple opens app design and development accelerator in China

TECHCRUNCH.COM — Apple has opened a design and development accelerator in Shanghai — its first for China — to help local developers create better apps as the iPhone maker looks to scale its services business in one of its key overseas markets. At the accelerator, Apple has begun to hold regular lectures, seminars and networking sessions for developers, the company said this week.

Bird plans to hire 1,000 people in Paris

TECHCRUNCH.COM — Scooter startup Bird is betting on the French market in a significant way. The company plans to open up its biggest European office in Paris. Eventually, wants to hire 1,000 people by mid-2021, which is a meaningful number for a company that has been around for a couple of years. Paris is an important market for Bird and all scooter startups in general.

How to Create Killer Facebook Video Ads

ENTREPRENEUR.COM — People gaze five times longer at a video than at static content on Facebook and Instagram. So, what are you waiting for, to create one? July 10, 2019 5 min read Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are…

People are mocking the #IceCreamChallenge with hilarious videos

MASHABLE.COM — Turns out, the #IceCreamChallenge isn’t all bad. By now, many of you probably know that a video of a young woman who opened a tub of Blue Bell ice cream in a Texas food store, licked it, and returned the tub to the freezer, went viral. Several people unfortunately recorded themselves copying the prank, and things got so out of hand that some stores added additional security to their frozen food aisles.

Please think twice before Instagramming from this stunning Siberian ash pond

MASHABLE.COM — Posing in front of a breathtakingly blue body of water is an Instagram classic. This particular pond, though, should probably not be your first choice. The pond is near the Russian city of Novosibirsk, and it’s gaining popularity as an IG destination for users who want to stage a beachy shot. According to the Moscow Times, it even has a nickname — the “Novosibirsk Maldives” — and a dedicated Instagram account (@maldives_nsk). .

5 Crucial Ingredients for a Tremendous Content Marketing Strategy [Infographic]

SOCIALMEDIATODAY.COM — Are you in the process of creating a content marketing strategy for your business? Want to know the key ingredients every content strategy requires for success? Oracle, with the assistance of Lee Odden, shares its guide to crafting a content marketing strategy in this infographic. Check out the infographic for more detail.

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