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Free Goods Of The Week – May 06
May 7, 2019
Free Goods Of The Week
Free Goods Of The Week – May 13
May 14, 2019
Free Goods Of The Week
Free Goods Of The Week – May 06
May 7, 2019
Free Goods Of The Week
Free Goods Of The Week – May 13
May 14, 2019

Valuable Tips | Interesting Articles This Week

Dear Hollywood: Here are five female founders to showcase instead of Elizabeth Holmes

TECHCRUNCH.COM — There’s a seemingly insatiable demand for content. John Carrerou’s best-selling book, Bad Blood has already inspired an HBO documentary, The Inventor, an ABC podcast called The Dropout, a prestige limited series starring SNL’s Kate McKinnon was just announced, and Jennifer Lawrence is reportedly going to star in the feature film version of this tawdry “true crime meets tech” tale.

4 Important Reasons Why People Refuse to Learn And Grow

LOLLYDASKAL.COM — As a leadership coach, I have learned that you cannot teach someone who doesn’t want to learn or grow. Without that desire, there is no use in advising or coaching, because it just won’t work. I have never been a big believer in making people do something they don’t want to do. What I have found…

Microsoft launches a drag-and-drop machine learning tool

TECHCRUNCH.COM — today announced three new services that all aim to simplify the process of machine learning. These range from a new interface for a tool that completely automates the process of creating models, to a new no-code visual interface for building, training and deploying models, all the way to hosted Jupyter-style notebooks for advanced users.

NBCUniversal’s scannable ShoppableTV takes viewers directly to e-commerce sites

TECHCRUNCH.COM — is launching a new feature it hopes will increase conversion rates for advertisers. Called ShoppableTV, it displays QR codes during specific moments in TV shows and take viewers directly to e-commerce sites once scanned. The company says this is the first time QR codes have been used on national TV to drive direct sales.

How SparkNotes’ social media accounts mastered the art of meme-ing literature

MASHABLE.COM — Most millennials know SparkNotes as the ultimate no-nonsense study buddy, but today’s students not only receive help with schoolwork from the website, they get high-quality entertainment, too. SparkNotes remains a crucial tool for text comprehension — full of study guides and supplemental resources on english literature, philosophy, poetry, and more.

BTS kicked off their tour with a wild LA show and their fans were in heaven

MASHABLE.COM — The K-Pop boy band BTS rode the ever-stronger wave of popularity breaking on U.shores straight to the Rose Bowl on Saturday. From the looks of their tricked out performance, the boiz gave their mega-fans a night to remember. BTS kicked off their “Love Yourself: Speak Yourself” tour with a sold-out show at the Pasadena, CA stadium in front of a crowd of 60,000.

5 Ways to Market to That Fickle Group Called Millennials

ENTREPRENEUR.COM — The younger crowd doesn’t mind advertising, but they do love making fun of it. So, be careful. May 3, 2019 6 min read Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. Millennials…

Instagram is Working on a New ‘Join Chat’ Sticker for Stories

SOCIALMEDIATODAY.COM — It seems that it’s not only Facebook’s main app that’s putting more focus on private groups – over on Instagram, reverse engineering expert Jane Manchun Wong has uncovered a new ‘Join Chat’ sticker option which would enable Stories viewers to join a private chat group, direct from a Story. As you can see here, the ‘Join Chat’ sticker prompts the user to add a note on what the chat is about, with the lower note saying: ‘People who view your story can request to join this group chat’.

Influencer Marketing on Social Media: Everything You Need To Know

BLOG.HOOTSUITE.COM — Blog / Social To pull off an effective influencer marketing campaign you need to work with the right social media influencers. This guide will show you how to do both those things. But before we get to influencer marketing how-tos, tips, and tools, let’s start with ‘what’ and…

3 Proven Methods Brands Like Glossier Use to Grow Their Social Media Impact

ENTREPRENEUR.COM — Webby Awards executive director Claire Graves recommends taking a page out of Gritty and Glossier’s book to create a more powerful social media footprint. May 2, 2019 4 min read As you grow your…

The viral videos that helped me survive high school bullying

MASHABLE.COM — In 2000, at the back of my high school physics classroom, there was a computer with access to the internet, and for me, a whole new network of friends. I was one of the very few people who had access to the password and knew how to navigate a little program we called “America Online.” Sure, plenty of my fellow students knew how to set up a personal AIM account.

I’ll tell my secret crushes I adore them to their faces before I *ever* tell Facebook

MASHABLE.COM — By its very definition, a secret crush is one which you have no intention of sharing with the world — and certainly not with the person you have a crush on. You might unpack your feelings in a journal or confide in a few trustworthy friends, but the whole point of a secret crush is obviously to keep it a secret.

Samsung Ventures’ first investment in Southeast Asia is HR startup Swingvy

TECHCRUNCH.COM — the VC arm of the Korean electronics giant, has made its first investment in Southeast Asia after it backed HR startup Swingvy. Singapore-based Swingy’s service provides HR services, payroll and insurance for SMEs on a freemium basis. The company announced this week that it raised $7 million that was led by the Samsung arm with participation from — from insurance firm Aviva — and Bass Investment.

YouTubers are faking trips on Instagram to make a statement about social media

MASHABLE.COM — Popular influencers are tricking their followers by staging vacations around the world, often without even leaving their home countries. Through some skillful Photoshops, elaborate planning, and careful posing, influencers almost manage to convince their followers that they’re really traveling to places like Italy and Japan. .

Facebook is redesigning its core app around the two parts people actually like to use

THEVERGE.COM — Facebook announced an overhaul of its main mobile app today that puts more emphasis on two of its most critical features: events and groups. The company says it’s placing groups front and center as a cornerstone of how it wants users to think of the main Facebook app, while events is getting a…

How to Save Instagram Videos to Any Device: 5 Simple Ways

BLOG.HOOTSUITE.COM — Blog / Social Knowing how to save Instagram videos can help you: Share helpful content with your users Increase engagement on Instagram Interact and collaborate with other users Plus, you can download adorable puppy videos to watch later. If that sounds up your alley, we…

The never-ending rise of K-pop megastars BTS

MASHABLE.COM — Whether you’re a fan or not, it’s hard to ignore the immense rise of K-pop heavyweights BTS. The South Korean boy band has made an unprecedented break into mainstream Western culture. They’ve topped charts, broken YouTube records, and racked up much-hyped appearances on Saturday Night Live and awards shows like the Grammys.

Interesting Articles This Week

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