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Free Goods Of The Week
Free Goods Of The Week – Apr.15
April 16, 2019
Free Goods Of The Week
Free Goods Of The Week – Apr.22
April 23, 2019
Free Goods Of The Week
Free Goods Of The Week – Apr.15
April 16, 2019
Free Goods Of The Week
Free Goods Of The Week – Apr.22
April 23, 2019

Valuable Tips | Interesting Articles This Week

The elegance of nothing

SETHS.BLOG — What ever happened to details? The red sole of a Louboutin shoe, or the elegant tag on a pair of Tom’The sweeping fenders of a Porsche 911 or the needless complications of a fancy watch… Today, a certain kind of customer is using a Muji notebook, or wearing a plain Everlane t-shirt. Is this what we’ve come to?

The Facebook Pixel: What It Is and How to Use It

BLOG.HOOTSUITE.COM — Blog / Social If you’re using Facebook ads—or you plan to use them in the future—there’s one key tool you should start using right away. The Facebook Pixel will help you get the most out of your social ad budget. Here’s everything you need to know about how it works. Bonus: Download…

9 Brands Cashing in on ASMR on Social Media

BLOG.HOOTSUITE.COM — Report – Social Media Trends 2019 Report Infographic – Social Media Trends 2019 Webinar Deck – Social Media Trends To Put Into Practice In 2019 Report – Where Social Networks Are Going CMO Trends Briefing: The Future of Social. Click here to access your 2019 Social Trends Toolkit.

Instagram Stories Analytics: Which Metrics Matter and How to Measure Them

BLOG.HOOTSUITE.COM — Blog / Social Instagram Stories may be ephemeral, but that doesn’t make measuring them any less important. More than 500 million accounts interact with Stories every day, and Instagram Stories analytics provide the tools for brands to understand how followers are engaging with…

How do startups actually get their content marketing to work?

TECHCRUNCH.COM — is a free example of a series of articles we’re publishing by top experts who have cutting-edge startup advice to offer, over on Extra Crunch. Get in touch at if you have ideas to share.] . Even the best growth marketers fail to get content marketing to work. Many are unwittingly using tactics from 4 years ago that no longer work today.

Pitching your product will kill your fundraising

TECHCRUNCH.COM — been something of a black box. High-flying companies make it seem like a breeze, but most entrepreneurs lose sleep over it. My first startup was called and although we successfully raised a seed round, it was incredibly tough (we were eventually aqui-hired by Facebook). DocSend is my second startup, and it has taught me a lot about the process — not only because of our own fundraising, but because the product itself reveals big pitching trends in a unique way.

Mutiny at HQ Trivia fails to oust CEO

TECHCRUNCH.COM — of host Scott Rogowsky was merely a symptom of the ongoing struggle to decide who will lead HQ Trivia. According to multiple sources, over half of the startup’s staff signed an internal petition to depose CEO Rus Yusupov who they saw as mismanaging the company. But Yusupov then fired three core supporters of the mutiny, leading to a downward spiral of morale that mirrors HQ’s plummeting App Store rank.

Juul sets up a web portal to help narc on businesses that enable vaping teens

MASHABLE.COM — Juul doesn’t want teens hitting its vapes. The company promises. . Facing a rising tide of criticism for underage use of its e-cigarettes, vape manufacturer Juul is taking a new approach aimed at cracking down on teen use. Specifically, the company launched an online tool designed to track how specific vapes find their way into the hands of minors. .

Data tells us that investors love a good story

TECHCRUNCH.COM — of dollars in venture capital went into tech startups last year, topping off huge growth this decade. Here at DocSend, we’re seeing the downstream effects in our data: investors who receive DocSend links are reviewing more pitch decks than ever, as more people build companies and try to get a slice of the funding opportunities.

How to Negotiate the Price of a Pricey Premium Domain

ENTREPRENEUR.COM — Buying a domain at the asking price? That’s like buying a used car at the asking price. Doing your homework pays off. April 12, 2019 5 min read Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their…

Why ‘Game of Thrones’ will end in peace, not war

MASHABLE.COM — “The battle of good and evil is a great subject for any book and certainly for a fantasy book, but I think ultimately the battle between good and evil is weighed within the individual human heart and not necessarily between an army of people dressed in white and an army of people dressed in black.” George Martin.

Uber has already made billions from its exits in China, Russia and Southeast Asia

TECHCRUNCH.COM — China, Russia and Southeast Asia were billed as failures from the company, but the ride-sharing giant has already made billions on paper from those moves, according to its IPO filing. Uber released its much-anticipated S1. on Thursday U.time and reporters and analysts are frantically digging into a treasure trove of previously-unreleased details.

Alphabet Is Uber IPO’s Surprise Winner With Potential $5 Billion Stake

FORBES.COM — Google co-founder and CEO Larry PageGetty ImagesUber’s highly-anticipated IPO prospectus reveals that Google-parent company Alphabet is a big beneficiary of the ride-hailing firm. As one of Uber’s top shareholders, Alphabet’s stake could be worth $5 billion if Uber hits its expected IPO valuation…

The right way to do AI in security

TECHCRUNCH.COM — to information security can engender images of a benevolent Skynet, sagely analyzing more data than imaginable and making decisions at lightspeed, saving organizations from devastating attacks. In such a world, humans are barely needed to run security programs, their jobs largely automated out of existence, relegating them to a role as the button-pusher on particularly critical changes proposed by the otherwise omnipotent AI.

Instagram influencers constantly need new clothing. This startup wants to rent it to them.

VOX.COM — Before Rent the Runway launched in 2009, the idea of sharing clothing with a bunch of strangers may have seemed off-putting and possibly unsanitary. But in the 10 years since its founding, a crop of copycat startups have popped up, usually going after a market that highbrow Rent the Runway has…

Google launches an end-to-end AI platform

TECHCRUNCH.COM — As expected, used the second day of its annual Cloud Next conference to shine a spotlight on its AI tools. The company made a dizzying number of announcements today, but at the core of all of these new tools and services is the company’s plan to democratize AI and machine learning with pre-built models and easier to use services, while also giving more advanced developers the tools to build their own custom models.

6 Ways to Calculate Engagement Rate on Social Media

BLOG.HOOTSUITE.COM — Blog / Social Engagement rates are the currency of the social media marketing industry in 2019. Sure, vanity metrics like followers, likes, and impressions count for something. But engagement formulas put these metrics into a more reliable perspective. That’s why engagement metrics…

How to Set Up and Use Bing Ads: An Easy 4-Step Guide

BLOG.HOOTSUITE.COM — You probably know the importance of advertising on platforms like Google, Facebook, and YouTube. But what about Bing Ads? While Bing isn’t the world’s largest search engine, it does command more than 34.7 percent of online search volume. That means savvy digital marketers should learn how to…

10 Sites to Get Free Stock Videos for Social Media

BLOG.HOOTSUITE.COM — Blog / Social Feel like you’re seeing more and more video content on your social feeds lately? You probably are. Forty-six percent of respondents in Hootsuite’s annual customer survey said they’re already using social videos, and another 26 percent plan on starting this year. And…

ShopBack, a cashback startup in Asia Pacific, raises $45M from Rakuten and others

TECHCRUNCH.COM — a Singapore-based startup that offers cashback and consumer rewards in Asia Pacific, has closed a $45 million round led by new investors Rakuten Capital and EV Growth. Founded in 2014, the startup had been relatively under-the-radar until late 2017 when it announced a $25 million investment that funded expansion into Australia among other things.

Interesting Articles This Week

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