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March 12, 2019
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Free Goods Of The Week – Mar.11
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March 19, 2019

Valuable Tips | Interesting Articles This Week

Podcasts, smart speakers soar as social media stalls, based on new survey

TECHCRUNCH.COM — of a popular annual survey shows usage of social media by Americans is stalling while ownership of smart speakers and tablets has soared over the last year, as has consumer engagement with podcasts. The results are promising for Amazon and Spotify in particular. Earlier today, Edison Research and Triton Digital presented their Infinite Dial report with findings from a phone survey of 1,500 Americans (age 12+) during January and February.

U.S. users are leaving Facebook by the millions, Edison Research says

MARKETPLACE.ORG — All the bad press about Facebook might be catching up to the company. New numbers from Edison Research show an an estimated 15 million fewer users in the United States compared to 2017. The biggest drop is in the very desirable 12- to 34-year-old group. Marketplace Tech got a first look at Edison’s latest social media research.

10+ Things You Need to Stop Doing on Social Right Now

BLOG.HOOTSUITE.COM — Blog / Social Social media—almost like water (or air) for digital marketing. It’s required, yes. But let’s be real and responsible and reasonable and smart about all of it. Many aren’t (okay, me too at times). But for the audience’s sake… please replace bad practices with good…

10 ways you can show off your favorite tweets in the real world

MASHABLE.COM — Every once in a while a tweet so damn good comes along that it makes me think that maybe, just maybe, all the bad the internet has given us has been worth it. It’s rare for a tweet to spark so much joy that the “like” and “retweet” buttons don’t do it justice. But whenever it happens I feel compelled to take some sort of action.

Cookie walls don’t comply with GDPR, says Dutch DPA

TECHCRUNCH.COM — Cookie walls that demand a website visitor agrees to their Internet browsing being tracked for ad-targeting as the ‘price’ of entry to the site are not compliant with European data protection law, the Dutch data protection agency clarified yesterday. The DPA said it has received dozens of complaints from Internet users who had had their access to websites blocked after refusing to accept tracking cookies — so it has taken the step of publishing clear guidance on the issue.

The other smartphone business

TECHCRUNCH.COM — operating system market sewn up by Google’s Android platform, which has a close to 90% share globally, leaving Apple’s iOS a slender (but lucrative) premium top-slice, a little company called Jolla and its Linux-based Sailfish OS is a rare sight indeed: A self-styled ‘independent alternative’ that’s still somehow in business.

This Mom Has 600,000 Followers on Instagram Because of Nap Time

BLOG.HOOTSUITE.COM — Blog / Social Hootsuite interviewed Laura Izumikawa, a lifestyle photographer and mommy blogger, who grew her Instagram audience from 0 to 600,000 followers with no special equipment or black hat tricks—just family-of-four realness and dress-up fun. Below, she answers questions…

Pioneer Square Labs is invigorating Seattle’s startup ecosystem

TECHCRUNCH.COM — Seattle’s South Lake Union neighborhood — better known as Amazonia to locals — sits Pioneer Square. The original heart of the city, the area has managed to hold on to its decades-old charm as other parts of town are besieged by Amazon-contracted architects. On a mission to champion Seattle’s unique entrepreneurial DNA, startup studio Pioneer Square Labs has not only adopted the neighborhood’s moniker but established its fast-growing HQ at its center.

This is the Best Way to Manage Your Team

LOLLYDASKAL.COM — In business, today we seem to focus more on the exciting parts of our work—innovation and creativity—and less on the day-to-day requirements of leadership. It’s great when you have an organization that’s all about speed, agility, innovation, and creative thought, but it’s your job as the leader…

It’s time to disrupt nuclear weapons

TECHCRUNCH.COM — The development of new machine learning technologies, autonomous weapons systems, cyber threats and social media manipulation are already destabilizing the global political order and potentially increasing the risk of a nuclear cataclysm. That is why it’s vital that the technology community collectively commits to using their skills and knowledge to protect us from nuclear eradication by joining the effort for global nuclear abolition.

United States citizens will need a visa to visit Europe starting in 2021

CNN.COM — (CNN) —. US citizens traveling to Europe without a visa will be a thing of the past come 2021. The European Union announced on Friday that American travelers will need a new type of visa — a European Travel Information and Authorization System or ETIAS — to visit the European Schengen Area. The Schengen Area is a zone of 26 European countries that do not have internal borders and allow people to move between them freely, including countries like Spain, France, Greece, Germany, Italy and Poland.

Tesla called out for sneaky math on Model 3 pricing in Germany

MASHABLE.COM — Just like when Germany wasn’t too pleased with Tesla’s naming choice for its semi-autonomous feature (confusingly called Autopilot), the country’s automotive industry group is calling out the American electric vehicle company for misleading pricing online for the Model 3 sedan. Tesla appears to have already reversed course ahead of the March 20 deadline for the change.

Which types of startups are most often profitable?

TECHCRUNCH.COM — that teaches a hundred startups per year how to do growth marketing. This gives me a unique vantage point: I know which types of startups most often reach profitability. That’s an important metric, because startups that don’t reach this milestone typically fail to raise additional funding — then die.

Instagram’s thirst memes can open up healthy conversations about sex

MASHABLE.COM — Love letters are overrated. In 2019, express you undeniable lust through wholesome thirst memes. Being a teenager is a thoroughly unpleasant experience, and nothing makes you want to shrivel up and crawl into a hole like talking about doing it. But the wholesome thirst memes of Instagram can be…

24+ Instagram Statistics That Matter to Marketers in 2019

BLOG.HOOTSUITE.COM — Blog / Social Are you using Instagram to connect with your audience? And if not, should you? Okay, that’s a loaded question. Statistically speaking though, it makes business dollars and sense. Scan these Instagram stats that show its breadth and depth worldwide. Then use them to…

I freaking love hate-watching ‘Tiny House Hunters’

MASHABLE.COM — An Ode to… is a weekly column where we share the stuff we’re really into in hopes that you’ll be really into it, too. Tiny House Hunters fills me with a rage I cannot describe, and I absolutely crave it. The HGTV show, streaming on Hulu, is about people who are sick and tired of being able…

130+ Social Media Statistics that Matter to Marketers in 2019

BLOG.HOOTSUITE.COM — Blog / Social Data is a fundamental building block of any successful business strategy. Whether you’ve been using social media for years or you’re just getting started, it’s important to base your social marketing plans on real, current information. Knowing the facts helps you…

At 21, Kylie Jenner Becomes The Youngest Self-Made Billionaire Ever

FORBES.COM — In mid-November, Kylie Jenner marked a milestone moment with a visit to a strip mall. For the past three years, her Kylie Cosmetics had only sold its makeup online and briefly in pop up shops. But after signing an exclusive distribution deal with Ulta, the beauty retailer, Kylie Cosmetics was…

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