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November 14, 2018
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Free Goods Of The Week
Free Goods Of The Week – Nov.12
November 14, 2018
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Free Goods Of The Week – Nov.19
November 21, 2018

Valuable Tips | Interesting Articles This Week

The Mobile Marketing Studio: 26 Apps to Help You Create Epic Social Media Content

BLOG.BUFFERAPP.COM — What does it take to create incredible social media content? Knowing you have to create new content for multiple social media channels every day can feel a little daunting, especially when you consider the range of disciplines you need to rock at in order to be successful. Nowadays, every…

Supermarket ad banned for being too ‘political’ becomes an online hit

MASHABLE.COM — In April, Iceland became the first major UK supermarket to ban palm oil from its own products, in light of the severe environmental damage caused by increased global demand for the substance. The issue has been raised in a TV commercial for the supermarket, but the ad has been banned from television in the UK for being too “political” — and people are not happy about it.

How to Check if an Influencer is Actually Influential

JEFFBULLAS.COM — The concept of influencer marketing is certainly not new. It has been around for ages in the form of word-of-mouth marketing. However, in the last few years, this form of marketing has seen unprecedented growth. Having realized its potential, 63% of marketers last year planned to increase their budgets for influencer marketing.

Instagram Stories Research: We Analyzed 15,000 Instagram Stories from 200 of the World’s Top Brands

BLOG.BUFFERAPP.COM — An incredible 400 million people around the world use Instagram Stories on a daily basis (with that number rapidly growing by the minute). Besides being an interesting and fun way to connect with friends and family, stories offer businesses a unique opportunity to capture the direct attention of…

Free Instagram Presets to Make Editing Photos a Breeze

BLOG.HOOTSUITE.COM — Blog / Social There are more photos taken every two minutes now than were taken during the entire span of the 1800s. With this in mind, it’s no surprise that social media managers are looking for ways to make their photos stand out from the crowd. During a time when using #NoFilter…

12 Instagram Marketing Tips to Fuel Your Strategy

BLOG.HOOTSUITE.COM — Blog / Social Instagram marketing is competitive. More than 25 million businesses use the platform to capture attention, incite interest, create desire, and compel action. With so much competition, a thoughtful, proven strategy is necessary for success. These tips will help you…

Facebook simulates itself up a better, more gradual product launch

TECHCRUNCH.COM — When you’re launching a new social media product, like an image-sharing app or niche network, common wisdom is to make it available to everyone as soon as it’s ready. But simulations carried out by Facebook — and let’s be honest, a few actual launches — suggest that may be a good way to kneecap your product from the start.

Facebook Dating arrives in Canada and Thailand

TECHCRUNCH.COM — On the heels of Tinder’s plans to go more casual, Facebook is today expanding access to its own dating service, Facebook Dating. First launched two months ago in Colombia for testing purposes, the social network is today rolling out Facebook Dating to Canada and Thailand. The company is also adding a few new features to coincide with the launch, including the ability to re-review people you passed on and take a break by putting the service on pause.

Three challenges facing blockchain technology

TECHCRUNCH.COM — Nearly five years ago, .com became the first major retailer to accept bitcoin as a form of payment. It now accepts many top cryptocurrencies. As a member of the senior executive team and board of directors at, I had a front-row seat to those decisions. It didn’t take long for the Overstock team to realize that bitcoin’s underlying blockchain technology held great promise beyond cryptocurrencies.

10 Ways Disruption in the Workplace Turns into Dysfunction

LOLLYDASKAL.COM — Disruption is one of those buzzwords that suddenly started turning up everywhere. In its positive sense of shutting down the status quo and forcing us to look at our processes and values with fresh eyes, it’s a great concept to incorporate into any workplace. But when disruption creates chaos and…

Facebook Portal needs more. At least it just added YouTube

TECHCRUNCH.COM — To offset the creepiness of having camera and microphone in your house, its new Portal video chat gadget needs best-in-class software.Its hardware is remarkably well done, plus Messenger and the photo frame feature work great. But its third-party app platform was pretty skimpy when the device launched this week.

Nested, the online estate agent that makes home sellers ‘chain-free’, raises further £120M

TECHCRUNCH.COM — Nested, the London-based “data-driven” estate agency that provides a cash advance to help you buy a new home before you’ve sold your old one, has raised a further £120 million in funding. The new round is a mixture of equity and debt: £20 million and £100 million, respectively. Leading the equity round is Northzone, and Balderton Capital, while the debt finance comes from an unnamed institutional investor.

The Social Customer Experience

HOOTSUITE.COM — Over 80 percent of companies agree that social is a vital channel for delivering exceptional customer experiences. But only 58 percent of companies have a defined strategy for integrating social into their existing customer experience programs. This report reveals how enterprise organizations are…

Can the startup building a Fortnite for VR become the Fortnite of VR?

TECHCRUNCH.COM — Virtual reality hasn’t proven itself to be the lucrative escape of the every-man but the medium has done a fairly good job enticing the gaming community and keeping that niche (mostly) happy. While a couple of big titles have gotten some halfway-decent ports to VR, for the most part VR users are confined to whatever indies can build or whatever Oculus can fund.

Charge card startup Brex aims for decacorn success

TECHCRUNCH.COM — By now, the young startup that is trying to reinvent corporate credit and charge cards, is well-known in Silicon Valley. The tender age of the company’s co-founders, Henrique Dubugras and Pedro Franceschi, the big-name backers, the $125 million Series C announced last month, the aggressive billboard advertising in San Francisco and the company’s torrid growth have all contributed to the swirl of attention.

Are you the assh*le? This community will give you an honest answer.

MASHABLE.COM — In a flourishing Reddit community each post begins by asking one simple question: Am I the asshole? Am I the Asshole is resolute about giving every person who makes a post a succinct answer as to whether or not they have behaved like an asshole in a recent situation. But don’t let the subreddit’s goofy name fool you, at its core it’s a place for people to reckon with social norms and mores, and get vital third party opinions.

LinkedIn Analytics: A Guide for Marketers

BLOG.HOOTSUITE.COM — Blog / Social The results are in. You won the award for Most Impressions on LinkedIn, Most Clicks Within a 24-Hour Window, and Overall Highest Engagement Award of the Year. We’re kidding. These awards don’t exist (from what we know). But if they did, they’d be determined by LinkedIn…

Home Made raises further £2M for its premium online lettings agency

TECHCRUNCH.COM — Home Made, the London premium online lettings agency, has raised a further £2 million in funding. The round is led by Athens-based venture capital firm VentureFriends, and follows the proptech startup’s £850,000 “pre-seed” round nine months ago. Founded in 2016 by Asaf Navot, a former Bain strategy consultant and INSEAD graduate, and Nick Binnington, a former British Army Captain and LBS graduate, proposition is based on the premise that the letting agent model is broken.

Why KFC Turned a Tweet From One of Its Biggest Critics Into a U.K. Ad Campaign

ADWEEK.COM — KFC in the U.K. and Ireland clearly has no problem calling itself out. When the chain had to close many locations due to an unexpected chicken shortage, it ran one of the best apology ads of all time, headlined simply “FCK.” Now the brand has built an entire ad campaign around hatred for the…

Live blog: Midterm election 2018 updates, news and analysis

NBCNEWS.COM — Tuesday’s pivotal midterm elections will determine control of Congress — and while President Donald Trump’s name doesn’t appear on the ballot, his presidency and his policies are on the line. After a final push, Democrats remain the favorites to pick up the 23 seats they need to win back the…

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