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Free Goods Of The Week – Nov.05
November 6, 2018
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November 14, 2018
Free Goods Of The Week
Free Goods Of The Week – Nov.05
November 6, 2018
Free Goods Of The Week
Free Goods Of The Week – Nov.12
November 14, 2018

Valuable Tips | Interesting Articles This Week

How to Define Your Target Market: A Guide to Audience Research

BLOG.HOOTSUITE.COM — Blog / Social Defining your target market is one of a marketer’s most important tasks. It’s the foundation of all elements of your marketing strategy, from how you develop and name your products or services right through to the marketing channels you use to promote them. Here’s a…

Pinterest’s new Promoted Carousel ads will display up to 5 swipable images in a single ad

MARKETINGLAND.COM — Pinterest rolled out a new ad format on Thursday, introducing Promoted Carousel ads that allow brands to include up to five images. Very similar to Facebook’s carousel ads, advertisers can include a distinct title, information and landing page for each product image included in a Promoted Carousel ad.

‘The Walking Dead’ nails it with Rick Grimes’ last episode

MASHABLE.COM — This article contains spoilers for Season Episode 5 of The Walking Dead. Rick Grimes is gone and it looks like The Walking Dead might be better for it. Despite advertising to the world that Sunday’s episode “What Comes After” was going to be lead actor Andrew Lincoln’s last hurrah, The Walking Dead managed to produce one of the best episodes in the series’ eight-year history that was both heartfelt and refreshingly surprising.

What the Local Customer Service Ecosystem Looks Like in 2019

MOZ.COM — Everything your brand does in the new year should support just one goal: better local customer service. Does this sound too simple? Doesn’t marketing brim with a thousand different tasks? Of course — but if the goal of each initiative isn’t to serve the customer better, it’s time for a change of…

The Secret Tactic Driving Significant Growth for Locally Based Businesses

JEFFBULLAS.COM — Once upon a time, not that long ago, the business world was made up of two distinct ecosystems. Online and off. Consumer expectations for response time, availability of information, and immediacy of need satisfaction are growing by the day and it is forcing offline businesses to re-think their approach to customer engagement.

How Do Sessions Work in Google Analytics?

MOZ.COM — One of these sessions is not like the other. Google Analytics data is used to support tons of important work, ranging from our everyday marketing reporting all the way to investment decisions. To that end, it’s integral that we’re aware of just how that data works.In this week’s edition of…

How to Write Effective CTAs on Social Media: A Guide for Marketers

BLOG.HOOTSUITE.COM — Blog / Social Do you recall the last time you were compelled to sign up for a free one-month trial or download a guide? Remember that? That was an effective call to action, or a CTA. A good CTA can do wonders in the marketing world—it can drive more visitors to your content,…

Twitter hires God-is Rivera as global director of culture and community

TECHCRUNCH.COM — has brought on its first-ever global director of culture and community, God-is Rivera. As global director of culture and community, Rivera will report to Global Head of Culture, Engagement and Experiential Nola Weinstein. Rivera previously led internal diversity and inclusion efforts at VMLY&a digital and creative agency.

Instagram’s next cash cow: instant Promote ads for Stories

TECHCRUNCH.COM — Instagram hopes dollars from long-tail of small businesses and social media stars can help it pull its weight in the Facebook family. A new ad type called “Promote” for Stories allows Instagram business pages to show their ephemeral slideshows to more users without doing much work. Admins can choose to auto-target users similar to their followers, people in a certain location, or use all of Instagram’s targeting parameters to inject their Story into the Stories queue of more users as an ad that can also link to business’ Instagram profile or website.

Should Small Businesses be on IGTV? (and 3 Quick Ways to Test It Out)

BLOG.BUFFERAPP.COM — Repurposing your content across channels is a great way to get the most from your social media strategy. However, sometimes, certain channels will perform better than others. When GQ posted a video about Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott on its YouTube channel (with 2.5 million subscribers), it was…

Twitter tests home-screen button to switch tweet order

CNET.COM — Twitter has begun testing a feature that lets users switch the order of the tweets they see. The social network said Wednesday that a small number of iOS users will soon see a button on the home screen that allows them to instantly switch between a display of tweets chosen by an algorithm as the most important to one that shows tweets most recently sent by users they follow.

Snapchat’s PR sues influencer for not promoting Spectacles on Instagram

TECHCRUNCH.COM — Influcencer marketing could get a lot more accountable if Snapchat’s PR firm wins this lawsuit. Snapchat hoped that social media stars promoting v2 of its Spectacles camera sunglasses on its biggest competitor could boost interest after it only sold 220,000 of v1 and had to take a $40 million write-off.

How to Combine Facebook Ads and Email Marketing for Better Conversions

SOCIALMEDIAEXAMINER.COM — Do you want an effective way to get more leads? Wondering how to nurture leads into becoming customers? In this article, you’ll discover how to use Facebook ads with email marketing to improve your conversions. How to Combine Facebook Ads and Email Marketing for Better Conversions by Rand Owens…

Zuckerberg says the future is sharing via 100B messages & 1B Stories/day

TECHCRUNCH.COM — The News Feed won’t sustain Facebook forever, and that’s scaring investors. Today on Facebook’s earnings call, Mark Zuckerberg stressed that sharing is shifting to private chat, where people send 100 billion messages per day on Facebook’s family of apps, and Stories, where he says people share 1 billion of these slideshows per day (though it’s unclear if that includes third-party apps like Snapchat).

Halloween Marketing: 7 Tricks and Treats From Market Leaders

JEFFBULLAS.COM — Halloween is the second largest holiday in the world after Christmas. True or false? The evidence isn’t clear, but the fact that marketers huff and puff to milk their seasonal campaigns for all their worth is apparent. Sometimes these efforts are hugely successful in generating hype, while in other cases public outrage is the result instead.

We posed as 100 senators to run ads on Facebook. Facebook approved all of them.

NEWS.VICE.COM — One of Facebook’s major efforts to add transparency to political advertisements is to require those paying for the ads to make a “Paid for by” disclosure, which appears at the top of the ad and supposedly tells users who is paying for political ads that show up in their news feeds. But on the even of the 2018 midterm elections, a VICE News investigation found the “Paid for by” feature is easily manipulated, and appears to allow anyone to lie about who is paying for a political ad, or to pose as someone else paying for the ad.

How to Find Influencers That Are a Fit With Your Business

BLOG.BUFFERAPP.COM — Today’s top influencers aren’t just content creators or media buys – they’re both. According to Invesp, influencer marketing can drive 11 times the ROI of traditional digital marketing. And with 71 percent of marketers believing ongoing influencer ambassadorships are the most effective form of…

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