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November 22, 2016
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Valuable Tips to Help Your Social Marketing 10
November 24, 2016

Top 10 – These Are The Most Valuable SEO Factors Right Now

Top 10 Most Valuable Off – Site SEO Factors Right Now

Doing SEO it’s very hard these days if you are new to this game.  To make it simpler for you, here are the top 10 factors you should consider for your business, in order of importance:.

1. Backlinks.

There is a lot of contradiction regarding link building but the fact is that it still is the most important ranking factor.

2. Social Media.

Having a strong social presence is no longer a luxury, it is a must if you want good rankings.

3. Press Releases.

Press Releases are a good not only for promotion but also could get you direct customers. Good press releases will yield high authority links and diversify your backlink profile.

4. Videos.

Videos will also contribute to SEO and you can and should also use them in your content marketing. Try popular choices like reviews or tutorials/lists for quick results.

5. Reviews.

Make sure you have a way for your customers to leave reviews, also encourage them to post reviews on social media.

6. Guest Posts.

One way to get great quality backlinks are guest posts. If you can provide good quality content it should not be hard to get some.

7. Directory Listings.(Local)

This one might surprise you but if you have a local business you will find out this is a very powerful factor. Choose only high authority directories.

8. Photo Sharing.

Another one that might surprise you but big brands are using this with great results. Geo-tag your images to improve location authority.

9. Forum Marketing.

Legitimate discussions in high value forums will have many benefits for your website and business. Don’t spam!

10. Classifieds Listings.

Free ads are another way to spread the word about your business and get some clients. If your budget doesn’t stretch far these can help you without the need of spending money.
So there you have it – the ranking factors you should concentrate on for your off-site SEO.

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