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About Social media managers

What is a Social Media Manager?

– Is the person who creates the online presence of an organization and maintain its status online. The one who creates online content, distributes and updates it. They also monitor the results in order to maintain and increase an organization’s reputation, to keep old customers and make new ones.

The first person who needs to accumulate the knowledge that a Social Media Manager has is really you. The need comes from the fact that you live in a new world.

Where you will find the Social Media Managers?

In a new world that has changed dramatically over the past 20 years from the time in 1991 when the first info.cern.ch website was accessible online. You can act as a  Social Media Manager for you and your customers, if you choose to make a profession of it. We live in a society where you cannot ignore the Internet and how others define you through the information that exists about you online. You can choose to ignore the online social media, but you will get where an acquaintance of ours got. He lost hundreds of thousands of dollars because of a former employee who chose to publish many negative things about him. Besides the bad are, however, many good things that could improve the public image of a person or brand.

It is important to think about the following :

  • If you are not currently online you do not exist for many of the organizations you might want to work!
  • If you do not control the information that appears online about you, others will control it and that will not be good for you!
  • It is possible that your profession will disappear in the next two years and you must be prepared for this change!

Who can be a Social Media Manager?

Not anyone can aspire to be a Social Media Manager. It is a profession that requires dedication and a lot of work. On the other hand this applies to any profession you want to succeed in. To start you must have the ability to take risks, desire and inner conviction that you can communicate an idea whatever obstacles you can anticipate or not. But above all, you must take seriously the phrase spoken too often and too little practiced: “learn as long as you live.”

Your first client is really you. You can learn and experiment. You can discover what works and what does not work in an online interaction. If you succeed you will build a strong social presence online where you will sell your services. You will sell alongside your group of friends and acquaintances who have influence on the different social networks.

How to become a Social Media Manager and how to make money from this?

You will not go from zero. The profession of Social Media Manager builds on the best foundation, your previously accumulated knowledge and experience.

There is also the basic knowledge that you can accumulate within one week –  a specialist course does exactly what you need: it gives you the information you need, but will not make an expert out of you. The rest consists of applying knowledge gained and plenty of practice.

The decision to take a course can have many motivations. The most common are:

  • The realization that you need your public image improved by a solid online presence and you want to do this alone.
  • The need for a change professionally, from a desire to do something new
  • You need to earn money when you already know what you do does not pay well on the labor market.
  • The changes that online  world induces in your current profession and which requires updating the knowledge you have.

To this you can add the reason or reasons why you might take this course.

The money comes from services you’ll provide. They range from creating a social presence online (website / blog, profile / page on different social networks), to maintain a social status online (creating and distributing online content, monitoring and reporting reactions online to the actions or inactions of your client, etc.) . The pay can be really good if your skill are up to the task.

Here is a free Social Marketing Training course that you can take right now.

You can also get certified !

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