Customer Service Vs. Customer Experience and top Tips

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December 9, 2016
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Customer Service Vs. Customer Experience and top Tips

About Customer Experience and Top Tips to Improve it

Any loyalty begins with an extraordinary experience. The restaurant whom I have remained faithful for years is one that stunned me the first time and did not disappoint the second time. Professors that I recall today are whose courses were fascinated me.

Too few sellers are considering how to interact with a client so that it puts him in a unique, special position. Too few sellers care, indeed, about the customer and take them into consideration, with their emotions, not only their needs and ability to pay. Too few sellers to care about the wellbeing of the client, not only the delivery of ordered products.

Media experiences do not create loyalty. The last time you ate at a restaurant a stake with a bad sauce: you do not even know where the place was anymore. Last barber who shaved pretty good – but not sensational – you do not even know where he was. 90% do not know the name of the teachers that they’ve had in high school and college. Management is about average. Managers, to create efficiency, create a framework for production environments. Moreover, a star in a world of averages is not welcomed. Do not expect your manager or your marketing department, let you create possibilities of extraordinary experiences: not gonna do it. They are unable or not interested.

It’s all on you.

To create the best customer experience,  you should aim it to be a brilliant experience. If you are young and in love, with the first meeting with your chosen is brilliant. Not necessarily what happens between you, but rather by what is happening in your soul.

How to create a great customer experience?

  • Meet all customer expectations, then give something extra. Or, from the beginning, set your services to be far beyond his expectations. Do not promise what this is difficult or you can not do (the client’s expectations judge you not by your expectations);
  • Make him laugh (feel good). Watch the emotions, not only the needs, the company’s problems, and the personal pain these problems generate.;
  • Give him attention / take care of him. Put him in mind. Make him feel unique, even if you have a product or service standard .;
  • Be technically perfect. Make the sale process encompassing all the necessary steps. Follow your sales process, and adapt it when needed .;
  • Give him the proper respect (even if he does not do it) .;
  • Help him, even if you do not earn money. Sooner or later, you will receive a reward, even if indirectly .;
  • Even if you know you have done a tremendous job, do not go for all the money.  If you abstain from money grabs, they will recommend you without asking .;
  • Respect yourself. If you let yourself trampled by a customer, you will not be willing to create extraordinary experiences for others .;
  • A special experience is required repeatedly. Initial performance should be repeated a second time. It is not going to have the same effect, but will generate well-being, comfort, met expectations.
  • Even if you lose time, do not give up your attempt to create special experiences. From the moment you’re quitting exceptional, it’s only a matter of time until before you quit the market.

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