Brian Tracy Motivation – How To Become A Millionaire

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November 1, 2016
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Brian Tracy Motivation – How To Become A Millionaire

I used to listen to audiobooks a lot, not so much now as time is in short supply lately. The best that I have heard lately are from Brian Tracy. I like it because ideas are highly concentrated, with direct advice and ready to implement. Last audiobook that we I’ve listened to is Make A Million: Learn How To Become A Millionaire from which I extracted the 8 Tips for those who want to start a business.
In the book, Brian Tracy focuses on ideas of personal and professional development of people who want to become financially independent, but offers some good advice for future entrepreneurs:

  • Choose to develop a business in a field in which you excel.
  • Focus on customers and sales for that business success is due to good sales and all business problems arise because of weak sales.
  • Watch your cash flow – it is like blood for business.
  • Explore and learn every aspect of the business. This will help tenfold in the long-term.
  • Start with small gains and develop your business profit. This is the concept of Bootstrapping.
  • Use effort capital in exchange for financial capital.
  • Create a business plan before you start, and then focus your efforts on 80% of sales and marketing.
  • Learn from every mistake.

I liked these eight tips that focuses on sales, learning and work.
At the core of any business are sales and these are the best indicator of a healthy business. If we manage to have sales but did not deliver what we promise, they will fall. Instead, if we deliver services and products over expectations, sales will increase. Also, success in business requires us to assume that we work hard, we risk and we learn from every mistake.

That’s how you build a better business.

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